Seattle Startup Week has ended
Seattle Startup Week is a free five-day event highlighting the amazing startup culture of the Puget Sound. Join in for a few events hosted all around town to learn, network and help make this place better for everyone. 
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Bob Crimmins

Software engineer and entrepreneur
Lifelong technology professional and entrepreneur. I care about business AND I care about technology.

I live two lives. I'm a senior software engineer and I'm a "business guy". I wrote my first BASIC program on punch cards at a time when it was neither cool nor lucrative to be a 15-year-old programmer. I have also been an entrepreneur since before I started programming. In the intervening 30+ years, I have written hundreds of thousands of lines of code (although less is certainly more) and built over a hundred applications ranging from small to grand in languages from VB to PHP, .NET to JavaScript. Since 2000, have been focused on building enterprise-class Office application based on the VB platform. Without even trying, my mind thinks in the structure of a normalized relational database schema, preferably SQL Server.

Regarding startups, two of my core beliefs are:

1) Most good ideas are not also good businesses. It is job ONE of an entrepreneur to figure out if their good idea might also be a good business.

2) It takes a village to raise a startup. To that end, I am active in the startup community as an advisor, mentor and organizer. I founded Startup Haven in 2006 as a means of connecting tech founders with the help they need.

Specialties: VB/VBA software engineer, startup anatomist, business model aficionado, technology maven, software development best practitioner, software solution architect, product manager, technology leader.
Saturday, October 24

9:00am PDT