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Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose is a trusted advisor to business, government, and nonprofit leaders around the world. As founder and managing director of Global Tactics, he advises clients on how the world is changing and how this creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed. His work includes implementing strategies for international growth management by evaluating market readiness, barriers of entry, sales and marketing plans, and alignment of business operations with product development. He also leads Global Tactics’ Global Clinic for CEOs and Silicon Valley Forum.

In the public sector, Aaron advises governments on how to promote comparative national advantages to attract foreign direct investment to stimulate private sector development. He communicates investment opportunities to prospective investors while creating public-private partnerships. With respect to civil society, he collaborates with nongovernmental organizations on strategic planning and leadership training.

Since launching his career as an entrepreneur in 1993, Aaron has been involved with the co-founding of several ventures including Yeeko Inc., a global media company; Get Fit With Heath, Inc., a health and wellness company; and CareerLight, LLC, a company that provided customized career training for international students to help prepare them for a successful career. In addition to his role as co-founder, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors advising executive management on establishing the company’s strategic direction and achieving its long-term goals.

He also led ROI3, Inc. as co-founder, president, and CEO from 2010-2019, a company that developed localized SaaS platforms for mobile device users in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he holds advisory roles at several organizations including Innotech Global, LLC (Milpitas, Calif.); Koba, LLC (Alexandria, Va.); M. Gralnick Enterprises, LLC (St. Louis, Mo.); Razor Planet, Inc. (Renton, Wash.); and STAR-TIDES (Fairfax, Va.).

A lifelong learner who studied philosophy at Seattle University, Aaron leads seminars on international business and the business of technology, and regularly lectures on the role of the private sector in nation recovery and reconstruction. He was a delegate to the United Nations World Summit and continues to advise world leaders on economic, technology, and trade development matters.

Additional information about Aaron's background and business approach may be found on his LinkedIn profile and blog, GT Perspectives.